About OslerCast

OslerCast is a free, open-access medical education audio podcast covering topics in general internal medicine, and in the future will focus primarily on hospital medicine. I was inspired to create OslerCast after subscribing to several  emergency medicine and critical care podcasts and blogs, and wishing there were as active an online community to discuss topics in IM.

I am a hospitalist at the University of Washington Medical Center. The views expressed here are my own, and do not reflect those of my employer.

I completed residency in June 2016, at the UW IM Residency Program, in the categorical track and clinician educator pathway.

I have no financial conflicts of interest to disclose. I ask my interviewees if they have financial conflicts to disclose, and include this information in my podcast episodes.

My email address is my first name, then “@oslercast.com”

Eric LaMotte, MD

A podcast featuring interviews with experts on topics relevant to the practice of internal medicine.