Primary care of the transgender patient

Introduction In this episode, I interview Jessica Rongitsch, an internist in Seattle specializing in primary care for the LGBTQ community, about hormone management (and other aspects of primary care) for the transgender patient. Although she specializes in trans* care, she believes it is well within the reach of any primary care provider. Trans* people are at increased … Read more

Exploring the Laragh method of treating hypertension

Introduction When encountering the patient with shock, we are accustomed to thinking through the possible etiologies and directing treatment accordingly. Is there a deficit of blood volume, such as from hemorrhage? Is the patient excessively vasodilated, as in sepsis or anaphylaxis? Is the shock cardiogenic? However, when faced with the hypertensive patient, we tend to … Read more

How to start recognizing catatonia

In this episode, I interview Heidi Combs, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at Harborview Medical Center and the course director for the University of Washington’s MS3 clerkship. We discuss the importance of recognizing catatonia in hospitalized patients on medical services, as well as her physical exam for catatonia and approach to treatment. This episode is … Read more

Welcome to OslerCast! A new internal medicine podcast

Launching in early 2015, OslerCast will be an audio podcast covering topics relevant to the practice of internal medicine. I will focus on content that is relevant to the resident level all the way up to that of practicing internists, but I also hope that a significant portion will be of interest to MS3s and MS4s as well. I am a medical resident in the categoral track (and clinician educator pathway) of the University of Washington’s Internal Medicine residency program.

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