Welcome to OslerCast! A new internal medicine podcast

Welcome to OslerCast! A new internal medicine podcast

Launching in early 2015, OslerCast will be an audio podcast covering topics relevant to the practice of internal medicine. I will focus on content that is relevant to the resident level all the way up to that of practicing internists, but I also hope that a significant portion will be of interest to MS3s and MS4s as well. I am a medical resident in the categoral track (and clinician educator pathway) of the University of Washington’s Internal Medicine residency program.


I was inspired to create this podcast because of the robust and exciting global discussion that has been building in the fields of emergency medicine and critical care, and has been dubbed “FOAM” or “FOAMed” (that’s free, open-access online medical education). I’ve been listening to incredible medical podcasts such as EMCrit, ERCast, SMART EM, and EM:RAP and thinking “there should be something like this, but for internal medicine!” I’m pleased to say that those behind EM:RAP have created a new podcast called Primary Care:RAP, but since it costs money and most internists aren’t already listening to podcasts, I expect uptake to be unfortunately slow (despite recommending it to my friends).

Central to FOAM’s mission is cultivating asynchronous, contextual education with post-publication peer-review. It’s been effectively harnessing the power of social media platforms to help teach a new generation of physicians. Last year, the FOAMed community even pointed out an error in a NEJM article on decolonization which led to a correction being published, adjusting the intervention’s NNT by a factor of 2. I hope that this podcast will bring even more internists into that vibrant online discussion.


I hope to have more for you here soon. Here’s how you can follow OslerCast going forward, in order from most important to least important:

1.Subscribe to the podcast RSS feed: https://www.oslercast.com/feed/podcast/
I recommend using the DownCast app for iPhone, which has a great 30 second rewind button.

2. Subscribe to this website’s RSS feed:
I recommend an RSS aggregator like Feedly.

3. Follow @OslerCast on twitter.

4. Join the email list.

Welcome to the #FOAMed revolution.

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